Whisky 16 3L

Whisky 16 3L

The Whisky 16
New Whisky 16 3L by Nigel Foster!

To mark Nigel Foster's 10-year collaboration with Point 65 Sweden, Nigel has developed the new Whisky 16 3L, a 3-layer polyethylene (PE) version of the composite Whisky 16. The layout is similar. Some minor adjustments and improvements were made to compensate for the shift in material. The PE version is, for example, slightly larger in order to keep the same inside dimensions.
On gentle waters the boat is comfortable, stable, and easily maneuvered – an ideal boat to develop skills.
With its FULL BOW AND STERN shaped to reduce plunging, the Whisky 16 3L is designed to make the most of rough water, surf, and currents. It is perfect for day trips but spacious enough for a self-contained expedition. The 3-layer PE construction gives the Whisky 16 3L stiffness and strength while decreasing the weight.

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